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    Barefoot Boat Bums Clothing! 

    By buying some Barefoot Boat Bums clothing you are not only treating yourself to an awesome product, but you are becoming a Barefoot Boat Bum.

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    Be A Part Of The Barefoot Boat Bums Adventure!  

    Follow our journey and the awesome day trips and please get in contact and let us know what awesome trips you are doing! 

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    The Brand Is Travelling Around The World!

    The brand is growing! There are more and more of you Barefoot Boat Bums every day! Send us your pictures of how you are a Barefoot Boat Bums to apear on this page! 

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Thank you for supporting the Barefoot Boat Bums! You really are making reality happen. Making it possible for us to follow our dreams in something we are passonate about and helping us to show our experiences with the world! 

Your support will help us get by and keep the posts, the videos and the dreams alive. By purchasing a item from the Barefoot Boat Bums range you are single handedly making the brand bigger and better and becoming a Barefoot Boat Bum yourself! 

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